Through the looking glass, Leiden

Wright & Van ’t Hoog, Zip 1, 2, Papegaaisbolwerk, Leiden

Through the looking glass

An exhibition showing light and video art
Organized by EST art foundation, Leiden

December 27, 2021 – February 27, 2022

Venues: Papegaaisbolwerk 18 and 20,
Portiersloge Ambachtsplein,
De Sleutels Langegracht,

Participating artists: Jos Agasi, Jan van IJken, Mathias Krissmer, Inge Reisberman, Eefje Vaghi, Karin Rianne Westendorp, Wright & Van ’t Hoog

Wright & Van ’t Hoog show the videos Zip 1, 2 (2014) at Papegaaisbolwerk 20 (first floor), Metamorphosis at the Portiersloge, and Confluence (2022) at De Sleutels.

Through the looking glass is an exhibition about wonder and amazement, about awareness and research, and about seeing through, from the outside to the inside. The works shine outdoors.

Through the looking glass is an exhibition in the dark hours and is for everyone to be seen while walking or cycling in Singelpark, Leiden, daily from dusk to 11 pm.

The gate of the Papegaaisbolwerk will be open on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8 to 10 pm.

Ambiguous Unambiguous, Athens (I)

Ambiguous Unambiguous

A group exhibition by Rhythm Section
Platforms Project 2021
Independent Art Fair
Pireos 256, Ag. Ioannis Rentis
182 33 Athens

October 21–24, 2021

Participating artists: Dailydosage 24, Daniel Geiger, Michael Graeve, Henriëtte van ’t Hoog, David Kefford, Oleksiy Koval, Guido Nieuwendijk, Serena Semeraro, Xiao Tang, Mirco Tarsi, Veronika Wenger, Michael Wright

Curated by Sophie-Charlotte Bombeck

The objective of Platforms Project is to map artistic action as it is produced in the context of collective initiatives by artists who decide to join forces in seeking answers to artistic questions by creating the so-called platforms.

Tonalities, Goes

Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Gold, 2019, 63×49 cm

Henriëtte van ’t Hoog & Friends

Henriëtte van ’t Hoog  –  Amsterdam
Shuqing Ma  –  Beijing
Werner Windisch  –  Freiburg
Veronika Wenger  –  Munich
Richard van der Aa  –  Paris
Michael Wright  –  London

September 11 – October 16, 2021
Opening: Saturday, September 11, 15–18 hrs

Galerie van den Berge
Albert Joachimikade 5
NL – 4461 BG  Goes

Painting vs Image, Istanbul (III)

Painting vs Image
A group exhibition by Rhythm Section
Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları
Istiklal Caddesi Aznavur Pasajı No. 108 Kat-6
34430 Beyoğlu, Istanbul

September 25 – October 30, 2020

Participating artists: Anneke Bosma (video), Daniel Geiger (painting), Henriëtte van ’t Hoog (painting), Gonghong Huang (painting), David Kefford (sculpture, photography, film, animation), Oleksiy Koval (painting), Veronika Wenger (drawing, film), Michael Wright (drawing, painting, video)

Curated by Sophie-Charlotte Bombeck

Eagle Dragon Rhythm Section, Amsterdam

Airstrips II, 2019, 440 x 27 x 7 cm. Photo Lon Godin.

Airstrips II, 2019, 440x27x7 cm. Photo: Lon Godin.

Eagle Dragon Rhythm

A group exhibition by Rhythm Section

This exhibition encourages the cross-disciplinary exchange and engagement on the subject ‘rhythm’ in contemporary art between China and Europe.

Prinsengracht 510
1017 KH  Amsterdam

November 16 – December 21, 2019
Hours: Wed–Sat, 1–6 pm, and by appointment
Opening: Saturday, November 16, 4–6 pm

Participating artists: Richard van der Aa (FR), Liang Chen (CN), Yunfeng Cui (CN), Iemke van Dijk (NL), Henriëtte van ’t Hoog (NL), Oleksiy Koval (DE), Peng Li (CN), Ke Liu (CN), Shuqing Ma (CN), Xiao Tang (CN), Veronika Wenger (DE), Michael Wright (GB)