De Stijl and the Future, Wuhan (I)

De Stijl and the Future. Betweeen China and Europe
United Art Museum Wuhan
16 West Yezhihu Road
Hongshan District
Wuhan, Hubei

January 11 – April 11, 2019
Opening: Friday, January 11, 4:30 pm
Hours:Tue–Sun 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Participating artists: Liang Chen (CN), Iemke van Dijk (NL), Henriëtte van ’t Hoog (NL), Gonghong Huang (CN), Oleksiy Koval (DE/UA), Peng Li (CN), Ke Liu (CN), Shuqing Ma (CN), Xiao Tang (CN), Xiaoming Wang (CN), Veronika Wenger (DE), Michael Wright (UK)

Curators: Karin Wimmer (DE), Sophie-Charlotte Bombeck (DE)
Executive curator: Sun Jiangshu (CN), producer: Huang Liping (CH)
Supported by HiPP and Lufthansa Cargo

Concepts in Abstract Art, Amsterdam

Works by Bas Ketelaars, Oleksiy Koval
and Henriëtte van ’t Hoog

Concepts in Abstract Art
Reuten Galerie
Prinsengracht 510
1017 KH Amsterdam

December 12, 2018 – January 5, 2019
Hours: Wed–Sat, 1–6 pm, and by appointment

Participating artists: Richard van der Aa, Christoph Dahlhausen, Theresa Ferket, Lon Godin, Henriëtte van ’t Hoog, Maarten Janssen, Bas Ketelaars, Oleksiy Koval, Eric Martijn, Jan Mulder, Marena Seeling, Wright & Van ’t Hoog

Boogie Woogie Rhythm Section, Amsterdam

Part of Heptagon II, 2018, 65x27x7 cm

Part of Heptagon II, 2018, 65x27x7 cm

Boogie Woogie Rhythm Section
A group exhibition by Rhythm Section
Reuten Galerie
Prinsengracht 510
1017 KH  Amsterdam
April 14 – May 20, 2018
Hours: Wed–Sat, 1–6 pm
Opening: Saturday, April 14, 4–6 pm
Participating artists:
Anneke Bosma, Karina Bugayova, Iemke van Dijk, Daniel Geiger, Lon Godin, Henriëtte van ’t Hoog, Oleksiy Koval, Guido Nieuwendijk, Xiao Tang, Marije Vermeulen, Veronika Wenger, Guido Winkler, Michael Wright.

Boogie Woogie Rhythm Section, Munich (I)

Wedge XI, 2017, 54x45x26 cm

Wedge XI, 2017, 54x45x26 cm

Boogie Woogie Rhythm Section
100 Years after De Stijl

A group exhibition by Rhythm Section

Karin Wimmer Contemporary Art
Amalienstraße 14
80333 Munich

December 1, 2017 – January 25, 2018
Hours: Wed 2–6 pm, Thu 2–7 pm, Fri 2–6 pm, Sat by appointment
Opening reception: Thursday, November 30, 7 pm

Participating artists: Anneke Bosma (NL), Karina Bugayova (DE/UA), Christoph Dahlhausen (DE), Iemke van Dijk (NL), Daniel Geiger (DE), Henriëtte van ’t Hoog (NL), Oleksiy Koval (DE/UA), Guido Nieuwendijk (NL), Xiao Tang (CN), Marije Vermeulen (NL), Veronika Wenger (DE), Guido Winkler (NL), Michael Wright (UK)

De Stijl & Rhythm Section

Wedge IX, 2014-2015, 68x47x32 cm

Wedge IX, 2014–2015, 68x47x32 cm

The groundbreaking Dutch artistic movement known as De Stijl was founded in 1917. The most famous representatives of De Stijl were Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg. In 2017 the Netherlands commemorated De Stijl’s centennial with dozens of exhibitions.

Rhythm Section wants to continue to celebrate the birth of De Stijl. The title of this exhibition at Karin Wimmer Contemporary Art in Munich refers to Mondrian’s famous paintings Broadway Boogie Woogie and Victory Boogie Woogie. In this exhibition we focus on the networking and exchange between contemporary artists who are concerned with the De Stijl movement.

This exhibition is supported by Kastner AG, Wolznach; Landeshauptstadt München; Tijl Fonds voor de beeldende kunst, Amsterdam; Dr Wies van Moorsel, Amsterdam; and Reuten Galerie, Amsterdam. The exhibition takes place in cooperation with Reuten Galerie, Amsterdam.

The Invisible Line Gallery, London

The Invisible Line Gallery
16 Dalston Lane
London  E8 3AZ
United Kingdom


July 26 – August 26, 2017
Hours: Wed–Sat 1–7 pm
Private view: Saturday, July 22, 7–9 pm


Participating artists:
Kollier Din-Bangura, Lon Godin, Henriëtte van ’t Hoog,
Oleksiy Koval, Veronika Wenger, Michael Wright.


Foton XXII
23x23x12 cm

Perspectives on Space, Bad Nieuweschans


Perspectives on Space
Works by Henriëtte van ’t Hoog, Michael Wright and María José Ramírez Ramírez


Molenstraat 5
9693 EJ  Bad Nieuweschans
The Netherlands
+31 (0)597 856422



April 13 – May 21, 2017
Hours: Thu–Sun 12–5 pm

Opening reception: Saturday, April 22, 4 pm


In Perspectives on Space, LaKaserna presents three artists each focusing in their own way on space, perspective and site-specific pieces: Henriëtte van ’t Hoog, Michael Wright and María José Ramírez Ramírez.



The multi-coloured geometrical objects of Henriëtte van ’t Hoog (Amsterdam, 1943), although made of zinc and firmly attached to the walls, seem to float, to emit light, and to interact with the wall and the surrounding space.

María José Ramírez Ramírez (Bilbao, 1957) manifests herself in this exhibition both as its curator and as one of the participating artists. Her paintings and photographs have been produced specifically for the LaKaserna exhibition site and create an installation that reflects the title of the show.


Wright & Van ’t Hoog, stills from the video Zip, 2017

The video Zip is the newest creation sprung from the ten-year collaboration, under the name Wright & Van ’t Hoog, between Henriëtte van ’t Hoog and the British photographer and video-artist Michael Wright (Hertfordshire, 1955), who focuses in his work on the physical and psychological experience of space.

Also on view is the video-installation Dazzle by Wright & Van ’t Hoog, in which the image is projected from three different angles. The music composed for this installation by Philip Mead adds to a fascinating juxtaposition of light, colour, rhythm and space.

Auftakt, Freising (I)

Facet I, 2012, 43x41x13 cm

Facet I, 2012, 43×41×13 cm

Rhythm Section im Schafhof

Schafhof – Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern
Am Schafhof 1
85354 Freising

February 20 – April 17, 2017
Hours: Tue–Sat 2–7 pm, Sun 10 am – 7 pm
Admission free

Opening reception: Sunday, February 19, 6 pm
– Eike Berg (director of the Schafhof), Welcome
– Jochen Meister (art mediator, Munich), Introduction

Symposium: Sunday, February 19, 3 pm
Presentations by members and guests of Rhythm Section:
– Ezgi Bakcay (art historian, Istanbul), ‘Rhythm of the Utopias’ (in English)
– Michael Wright (artist, London), ‘The Role of Scanning and Kinesthestic Modes of Perception in Relation to Rhythm within the Visual Arts’ (in English)
– Veronika Wenger (artist, Munich), ‘Help Alive Inside. Im Innersten der Zeichnung’ (in German)
– Dmytro Goncharenko (curator, Kyiv/Berlin), ‘Forschung zum Rhythmus in der modernen Kunst: internationale kollaborative Erfahrung’ (in German)

Extra presentation: Sunday, March 26, 3 pm
– Oleksiy Koval (artist, Munich), ‘Die schöne Formel’ (in German)

Participating artists: Anneke Bosma (NL), Karina Bugayova (DE), Christoph Dahlhausen (DE), Alison Dalwood (UK), Mert Diner (TR), Daniel Geiger (DE), Henriëtte van ’t Hoog (NL), Gonghong Huang (CN), Oleksiy Koval (DE/UA), Markus Krug (DE), Çağrı Saray (TR), Esra Sağlık (TR), İsfendiyar Söyler (TR), Nermin Ülker (TR), Veronika Wenger (DE), Michael Wright (UK).